Microsoft SharePoint Workspaces Vs. Groove Workspaces

Microsoft SharePoint Workspaces

This client application makes SharePoint sites available offline, and later synchronizes with them. This application does not supports all content types available in SharePoint. Calendars being one of the unsupported types.

It also allows the user to create a Groove Workspace to collaborate and share documents with other users.

Groove Workspaces

This type of workspace is a peer-to-peer sharing space coordinated by Microsoft servers to facilitate the connection between peers. Data is always kept in the client, and thus, no backups by IT.

A Groove Workspace has a calendar but is exclusive of the workspace and independent of any other application or service (Outlook/Exchange, etc.).

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Bind DropDownList control to XML file in ASP.NET

This should be easy enough, except for one thing; the documentation is not clear about the particular style the XML file has to be.

You can only use attributes in the element and not values in the node.

This works:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> 
    <state name="ALABAMA" code="AL" comment="ALABAMA" /> 
    <state name="ALASKA" code="AK" comment="ALASKA" />

This doesn’t:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" standalone="yes"?> 


The only reference I found about this is found here

The Bookstore.xml file contains information about books that might be available from an online bookstore. Notice the following about the .xml file:

  • The property values for elements are all expressed as attributes.

  • The file contains a nested structure — each book can contain its property values, as well as one or more comments as separate elements.

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Back when it all began

Eleven years ago I arrived to US. My friend Rogelio went to the airport to pick me up. Hurry -he said- the taxi is waiting. When we stepped out the terminal I saw no taxi, then he pointed at a black limo ‘There!’

The limo drove for 40 minutes before we finally arrived at Rogelio’s place. Before stepping out the limo, Rogelio told me to give him $80 to pay since he had no money. Ever since, I want to punch him on the nose for that welcome to the US, but every time we talk about it we can’t stop laughing.

He told me his friend ‘El Flaco’ was renting him a room. So, I asked where I was going to sleep as we entered the house. He showed me the way to his room, pointed to the floor and said ‘There’. I slept on the floor for the next few months before I could move out.

On the second day El Flaco took us out to show me around and invited us to Chili’s. He ordered an ‘Awesome blossom’ and a glass of water for the three of us. He told me I could have a beer if I had money to pay for it.

Since El Flaco was Rogelio’s friend he said he would be nice enough to only charge us $270 each for rent – I came to find out later that Rogelio and I could have rented an apartment on our own with that money.

Rogelio found us work at Popeye’s on the next week. He borrowed a not-too-old Buick from El Flaco with intention to buy it. El Flaco decided to drop the insurance on the car right the next day without bothering on telling Rogelio, which we found out after two weeks of using it when it broke down in the middle of the highway and the police showed up and asked us for the car papers. Rogelio gave back the Buick and he bought an old Volkswagen from someone else next week.

The old Volkswagen did fine for us except on the snowy days when it was impossible to be warm inside. Since the car was quite old –but new to Rogelio—one weekend he thought to be a good idea to take the gas tank down to clean it. It took him one Sunday afternoon. Next morning on our way to work the car died on the middle of the highway and we had to get it towed. The Popeye’s we worked at was part of a gas station. That night Rogelio diagnosed the problem; gas was not reaching the carburetor from the tank. We bought a gallon of milk, dumped the milk on the drain and used the plastic container as our improvised gas tank tightened up with some cord in the engine compartment. We drove the car that way for the next week until Rogelio found the problem; he had folded and pressed the gas line under the tank that day when he cleaned it.

What a year =D

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Abstract though on freedom.

This word seems to be somewhat misunderstood. It is often used as if freedom was something you can posses or obtain, and is said to be granted also. It is quite the opposite. Freedom is not the existence of something but rather the lack of.

It is an abstract concept to describe the absence of obstacles. It is simply a state.

I like to compare freedom to darkness where darkness is the absence of light. In this sense black is also misunderstood as it is often called a color when in reality black is the absence of color.

The absence of obstacles is what define freedom. A slave is not free because something was taken away from him but because obstacles were imposed upon him. Obstacles are what deny the state of freedom. This obstacles can be physical or immaterial like the vault of a bank or a simple feeling of guilt.

The way we interact with these obstacles define our morality and our society. A rebel is one who remove obstacles imposed to him. A liberator is who remove obstacles imposed to others. An oppressor is who impose obstacles on others. The rightfulness for taking any of these actions does not modify our roles because rightfulness is subjective to those who claim it. And no, you don’t liberate money from the vault of a bank. That is just stealing. We are talking about living things here.

The morality of these roles comes from our willingness to abide.

A rebel and a delinquent have the same role. The difference comes from the threshold of their willingness, and how far the obstacles imposed have crossed that threshold.

The criminal has low to no threshold and only cares for himself and has no regard upon agreements.

The rebel will fight the obstacles imposed to him when such obstacles surpass what he would consider a fair point, somewhere in the middle, and that middle point was something he had or is willing to agree upon.

The rebel and the criminal always interact with the oppressor who is the imposer of obstacles. There are two kinds of oppressors, the policing entities and the tyrants. The policing entities are the ones we had agreed to abide while the tyrant is the one that crossed the threshold.

A liberator does not have to be altruistic. He can very well be fully selfish. He can remove obstacles from other in the interest to have obstacles remove from him. By giving you money in exchange to keep a door open for him he provides the means to pay for your rent effectively removing the obstacles imposed by your landlord. The liberator does not have to be fighting a tyrant to be one, he just removes obstacles.

Tyrants on the other hand will give you money if you close the door to someone else. He could close a door in front of you either to block you or to make you to impose an obstacle upon others continuously crossing the threshold.

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Placer y dolor.

Alguien pregunto “Si el placer es real, ¿por qué lo placentero no reconforta y divierte a un hombre en agonía?”

Esta es my respuesta.

Por que el placer es la recompensa emocional o física recibida al satisfacer nuestras necesidades. Estas necesidades pueden ser naturales o fabricadas.

Agonía es un estado de alarma. Es la forma en que tu cuerpo o mente te comunica que algo horrible esta pasando y debe ser corregido. El placer de un baso de agua confortara al sediento en el desierto. Cuando he estado enfermo en el hospital, una de las cosas mas confortantes fueron las bromas que hicieron mis seres queridos para hacerme sentir mejor.

Placer y sufrimiento son reales pero son inmateriales. Muchas veces confundimos el reino de lo material con la realidad. Del mismo modo confundimos la satisfacción de nuestras necesidades con los placeres mundanos.

Armonía se alcanza con el equilibrio y orden de las fuerzas que gobiernan to vida. La indulgencia excesiva de los placeres te conducirán inequívocamente al dolor y sufrimiento. Caos es sufrimiento.

Placer y dolor son estados, no son fuerzas. No son indicadores de lo que haces, te dicen donde estas.

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Why time travel to the past (and survive) is not possible.

While there are some theories out there by real scientist, these are my thoughts for my own entertainment.

First, matter cannot occupy the same space at the same time. With this in mind to travel in time you would need to push aside the matter you or your vessel is to occupy. You cannot just materialize in the middle of space without suffering one of two consequent effects; a strong impact wave pushing all matter away instantly, or have the entire mass of your body merged with all present matter with lethal consequences.

The second would certainly be the most undesired one of the two, but even you could push away all existing matter causing a shockwave it would probably be just as lethal as the merging off your body with existing objects. If the space where you just appeared in your time travel is simply filled with a gas like air you may be ok, but if it is a solid object like say, underground, the shockwave is going to bounce back at you. Not to mention that you would not want to appear in the past underground, even if you manage to survive.

To travel safely to the pass you would have to calculate where you are going to appear and hope nothing is there, like a person walking by.

Now, calculating where to you want to appear implies that you not only can travel in time but also in space. That is to say, you should be able to appear anywhere in the universe not only in the spot of departure. If this was true then, well, you also discovered teleportation. You best bet (still a gamble) would be to perform your time travel in outer space. Not guaranteed, but more likely empty.

Hopefully you were able to calculate where Earth is going to be or you are going to have to travel across the solar system to reach Earth again. Calculating the position of earth may not be that difficult, but now you also have to calculate where the solar system is going to be (Our solar system is moving too. Remember?) In addition to this our galaxy is also moving at amazing speeds, and here is where a big problem lays. We just don’t know at what speed or in what direction is moving.

When I say that we don’t know in which direction or at what speed we are moving in the universe is that we don’t know it within an absolute sense of position to a fixed point in space. We do know it however in a relative sense; in relation to other objects in the universe to some degree.

What this means is that to effectively arrive to our desired destination we would need to keep the speed and direction in which we are currently moving in the universe or the Earth is going to smack you right on the face at 600 Km per second! (1 342 161.78 miles / hr)

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Religious Believes

Religion fills the primal human need to understand our surroundings. It is a matter of survival, no more.

Understanding the world around us increases our chances of surviving since the down of life in this planet. Sometimes when we don’t understand these surroundings we will only mimic some patters. Miechel Shermer gives a nice talk about self desception, our patterns and believes in this year TED Talks.

Besides superstition there are survival reasons in most of the core religious rules (e.g. like not committing murder, or stealing). We are social creatures because since the early days we discovered that leaving in group increases our chances of survival. The social group will reprehend behaviors that threaten the survival of the group since the survival of the group is the survival of the individual.

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Aliens are shitty drivers

Almost every time I see a Science Fiction movie/TV show/book/magazine there is a UFO crash!

Alien technology is supposed to be super advanced beyond our imagination. They evade the military fighters. They can cloak. They can hover defying gravity.

All this advanced technology and yet these dumb aliens manage to crash all the time! EVEN IN THE MIDDLE OF THE DESERT! How dumb of a pilot you have to be if you can not even manage an emergency landing on the desert?

Our current crummy technology can have cars driving around unmanned. Commercial cars now parallel park themselves! But no; shitty alien drivers can not park their saucer for shit!

NASA has a better flying record. Even the worst commercial airline has had fewer accidents than these drunken little alien pilots. This may explain why they are green: motion sickness caused by their pilot’s crappy flying.

Next time I see a UFO instead of screaming “Take me with you!” I will say “Screw this. I’ll take the bus.”

Alien crash

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JavaScript Outside the Browser

You can create simple applications in JavaScript without using a browser at all in Windows.

Simply type your JavaScript using Notepad (or your editor of choice) and save it. Change the extension to .js [1] and you are done.

This file should execute if you open it on your file explorer by default. If it opens in a text editor then you need to change the file association to WScript.exe or CScript.exe

Here is a rather complicated JScript “Hello World” example:

WScript.Echo(“Hello World!”);

function Moon(param){
//Public property
this.candy = param;
//Public method
Moon.prototype.stamp = function (string){
return this.candy + string;

function Main(){
var foo = new Moon(“Goodbye “);
foo.candy += “sweet “;

If you saved your file as HelloWorld.js then you could run it from the command line.

c:>CScript.exe HelloWorld.js //E:JScript


c:>WScript.exe HelloWorld.js //E:JScript

[1] The same applies to VBScript using the .vbs file extension.

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Sprint and the new HTC Touch PRO

HTC_TouchPro I wanted to upgrade my old phone, so I started looking online for a new unit. I saw this phone in the Sprint online store and it immediately caught my eye, and it was then when my pain started.

I logged into my account and followed the link to upgrade my current phone. The Sprint website was smart enough to discover I was in the Employee Referral program but too stupid to redirect me to the right place. Instead, it game me a failure message and asked me to go to the special website for employee referrals. What made it even more annoying is that they did not even bother to make the web address a link, it was plain text.

When I copied and pasted the address in my browser’s address bar, I came to discover that now I was required to provide an employee number. No, I don’t know my wife’s parent’s employee number. Besides, they are out of the state. So, I grabbed the phone and proceeded to place the order by phone. So much for a top communications company. Back to the good old ways.

I place my order over the phone with one of their representatives who assured me I was not obligated to chose a new calling plan. I did not care for the data plans, but the WiFi and PDA features since this phone uses Windows Mobile operating system.

The phone arrived two days later. After unpacking the phone and letting it fully charge the phone was unable to activate itself giving an error message. Great! A smart phone not smart enough to activate over the air.

After I login in my Sprint account I followed the link to activate the new unit just to be challenged with a choice for a new calling plan. I grumbled on the need to, again, have to use the good old phone and talk to a Sprint representative.

Since I wasn’t very cheerful at this point, I decided to just play with the phone for a little bit. I entered the setting of my wireless network at home and connected to the internet with the it, then I checked my email, took a few pictures and video, and played some games that were already installed.

The next day I was ready to return this phone.


  • Great looking design and finish.
  • Nice keyboard, easy to use and good to the touch.
  • Great connectivity; WiFi, Bluetooth, USB. You can even get video out to your TV with a  special adapter. WiFi with Windows Mobile also means connecting to your PC network just like any laptop would.
  • Takes pictures (with LED flash!) and records video.
  • Micro SDHC up to 8 GB.
  • Gravity sensors with force feedback.
  • GPS.
  • Playing YouTube videos over the WiFi was flawless in a beautiful screen with great resolution.


  • Sprint.
  • The touch screen is not very sensitive. Sliding your finger is not enough, you need to press harder that you would with most touch screen devices.
  • The software is too heavy for the unit. It would freeze for a few seconds every now and then when doing some tasks.
  • The applications often confuse a slide of your finger with a click activating something you did not intended to. This is partially caused by the two previous points I mentioned.
  • It is not a multi touch screen (i.e. no zooming in with two fingers).
  • You need to remove the cover in the back to access the microSD card.


If you are willing to put up with Sprint that will prove you as a patient person, which is what you need with this phone: To be patient.

If you are like me, expecting immediate response from an electronic device, you will get very frustrated with this otherwise great and beautiful phone.

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