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How can it be soft if it does not have mass?

Kentico 7 installer doesn’t detect already installed IIS 8.5 in Windows Server 2012

There is an issue when trying to install Kentico 7 using the new installer (there is also a classic installer), where the wizard will not see that you have an IIS 8.5 server running and it will not list the … Continue reading

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Successfully Install Web Deploy 3.5 in IIS 8 on Windows Server 2012

  If you install Web Deploy using the Web Platform Installer (WPI) within IIS, some components wont be added by default and you wont be able to make it work. You will need to open incoming TCP port 8172 in … Continue reading

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Import SSL certificates from IIS into Oracle Wallet Manager

  When you need to install or renew an SSL certificate in your webserver, you first need to create a certificate request. You can generate this request inside IIS or Oracle Wallet Manager (OWM). But what happens with you already … Continue reading

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Being a programmer is like a city car driver.

You have something in common with every single driver in the city: You think you are the only one who know how to drive. Everybody else thinks the same. Programmers have the tendency to think the same way. We think … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2012 Search Top Level Error

We have a production SharePoint 2010 server with the out-of-the-box search feature enabled. After adding more web applications to our server and changing the port on some of the existing ones, the search stopped working. All searches would come back … Continue reading

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MS Business Contact Manager for Outlook

BCM does not show any database If you are planning on using a dedicated SQL Server for your BCM database you may find that BCM shows none of your databases. While the reasons for this can vary -from permissions to … Continue reading

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Microsoft SharePoint Workspaces Vs. Groove Workspaces

Microsoft SharePoint Workspaces This client application makes SharePoint sites available offline, and later synchronizes with them. This application does not supports all content types available in SharePoint. Calendars being one of the unsupported types. It also allows the user to … Continue reading

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Bind DropDownList control to XML file in ASP.NET

This should be easy enough, except for one thing; the documentation is not clear about the particular style the XML file has to be. You can only use attributes in the element and not values in the node. This works: … Continue reading

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JavaScript Outside the Browser

You can create simple applications in JavaScript without using a browser at all in Windows.

Simply type your JavaScript using Notepad (or your editor of choice) and save it. Change the extension to .js [1] and you are done. Continue reading

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Brilliant spam countermeasure.

I was reading the Firefox forums and one of the guys mentioned this WONDERFUL free service to avoid spam; These guys are geniuses! Not only you wont get abused by spammers but it will allow you to know who … Continue reading

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