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BCM does not show any database

If you are planning on using a dedicated SQL Server for your BCM database you may find that BCM shows none of your databases. While the reasons for this can vary -from permissions to firewalls- be mindful that SQL Server default port is 1433.

The port is important not only in your firewall settings but also in the SQL Server configuration.

The BCM connection wizard will not find any shared databases in your SQL Server until you change the port of your server to 5356.

To change the server’s port open your Sql Server Configuration Manager then find the section SQL Server Network Configuration and identify the server instance you are using for your BCM database. Change the TCP/IP properties and set the port to 5356.

As a side note, you can chose anything for the instance name. It does not have to be MSSMLBIZ as some people suggests in some forums.

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