Import SSL certificates from IIS into Oracle Wallet Manager


When you need to install or renew an SSL certificate in your webserver, you first need to create a certificate request. You can generate this request inside IIS or Oracle Wallet Manager (OWM). But what happens with you already have a certificate’s public/private keys and you want to move it to OWM? You may think you will need a new certificate since it appears to be no built-in mechanism in OWM to import private keys.

PFX and pkcs12 are the same thing (for the purpose of this post, for technical details read this ).

Follow these simple steps to convert a PFX file into an Oracle Wallet.

  1. Export your certificate from the Windows’ Certificate Manager including your private key.
  2. Rename the PFX file to ewallet.p12
  3. Place that file in a folder of your choice.
  4. The name of the folder becomes the wallet’s name in Oracle Wallet.



That is it. Now you have a new wallet.

  1. Open Oracle Wallet Manager
  2. Open the previously created folder as a wallet.
  3. The wallet’s password is the one you entered when you first exported the cert as PFX.
    I hate dealing with Oracle. To me, it is always a painful experience. Hopefully this will reduce your pain.

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